[solved] ffmpeg batch renormalisation

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Re: ffmpeg help

Postby kevinthefixer » 2018-12-03 01:31

sunrat wrote:Do you realise using ffmpeg-normalize will destroy some quality of your music? It has to decode the file first and then re-encode after normalization.

This is true to a limited extent. The audio editor I've been using for almost 20 years (Cool Edit 2000), in its help files, recommends not expanding/recompressing music files more than three times (IIRC). And unless you are young and have very good and well-trained hearing, I doubt you'll hear the artifacts generated this way. Since the OP indicated the whole process was intended for listening in a car, it's inconcievable the degradation would be heard at all. Maybe in my home office/sound studio, but I doubt it, certainly not by my 60+ year-old ears. It's more of a good-standard-practice sort of a thing, like shutting down all your running programs before hitting the power switch.
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Re: ffmpeg help

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2018-12-03 05:59

kevinthefixer wrote:Since the OP indicated the whole process was intended for listening in a car, it's inconcievable the degradation would be heard at all

Perhaps the OP has a decent car with a decent audio system, for example:


^ I wouldn't be playing anything less than 24-bit@192kHz on that system, flac ftw! :mrgreen:

@OP: please add [SOLVED] to the thread title to help others; it may be best to change the title to something more descriptive that will show up in search engines — "ffmpeg batch renormalisation", for example.
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Re: [solved] ffmpeg batch renormalisation

Postby Soapm » 2018-12-04 09:44


With my hearing, well, I now wear bluetooth headphones to watch TV in the bed at night. I was waking the wife up.

What I don't like about mp3 is that it remove a lot of the bass, not sure if I just like bass or if that's all I can hear there days but mp3 sure makes songs sound dreary... I'm sticking with flac whenever I can find them but I got most of my tunes from Amazon.
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Re: [solved] ffmpeg batch renormalisation

Postby kevinthefixer » 2018-12-04 12:09

mp3 format does not remove bass, not in and of itself. Amazon may well remove some just by using substandard equipment. My hearing is not bad, just not as acute as it once was, I can no longer hear the difference between uncompressed .wav files and .mp3s, but when I could it was all in the upper registers.
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