Help With Steam Play (Proton) on Debian

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Help With Steam Play (Proton) on Debian

Postby Particle » 2018-12-02 01:59

Has anyone else tried to play Windows games on their Debian system using Steam's Proton compatibility layer? Any luck? So far all of the games I'm trying to play appear to crash immediately on launch. They don't get far enough along to open a window or draw anything on the screen. If any of you have had success, I'd like to pick your brain for what might be different between our systems.

I'm running Debian Testing. I used to use Mesa from Testing as well (currently 18.2), but as part of my testing process I've recently pulled in Mesa 18.3.0-rc5 from Experimental. It didn't help. I have an AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 and use the kernel firmware from the kernel git repository. I believe this to be the full non-free stuff. The system itself has plenty of resources, so I don't think I'm running into a memory wall or anything. It's an AMD TR 1950X with 32 GiB of RAM.

I've tried launching Steam itself using both STEAM_RUNTIME=0 and STEAM_RUNTIME=1. Neither seems to help.

I've tried turning off the Steam overlay for Proton games. It doesn't seem to help.

I've tried various versions of Mesa over time. 18.1 in Testing used to work with DOOM 2016 but nothing else. When 18.2 dropped, DOOM didn't seem to want to work either. 18.3 hasn't helped.

I've tried various versions of the Proton compatibility layer in Steam. I'm trying 3.16-4 Beta right now, but 3.7-8 and 3.7-8 Beta don't work either.

Native Linux games like CSGO and DOTA2 launch and run great. CSGO uses OpenGL and DOTA2 uses Vulkan. Both APIs seem to be functional on my system.
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Re: Help With Steam Play (Proton) on Debian

Postby milomak » 2018-12-07 16:42

yeah i've tried to run quake on my sid install using proton with no luck
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