Using Nouveau and Nvidia Drivers with Hybrid Setup

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Using Nouveau and Nvidia Drivers with Hybrid Setup

Postby mirondius » 2019-01-12 20:42

Hey people,
I need some help/advice. I already read a lot of stuff, but some questions are not fully answered for me.
My System:
Debian buster/testing with 4.19.0 Linux Kernel
Using Gnome, so wayland
My goal:
Using Cuda on my linux machine.

I don't really care about performance while working wihtout cuda, so my idea was, to install nvidia drivers and nouveau with bumblebee to swtich between intel GPU and nvidia GPU and Power Management.
With Nouveau, everything works fine, also bumblebee is working like it should be.
First question:
Is wayland now (I know posts from last year, that it is not) some kind compatible with nvidia driver? Now I have nvidia driver+bumblebee and wayland, and it crashes sometimes. Or do I need to start with xserver for the use with nvidia driver?
Second question:
Are there issues with using nouveau and nvidia on the same machine? I thought of something like disabling nouveau with grub, to use cuda, and for normal work just using nouveau. Is there a workaround without restarting, maybe just logging out or using another session?

Thx for your help!
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