national keyboard layout in Debian 9 KDE

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national keyboard layout in Debian 9 KDE

Postby Radvan » 2019-01-13 17:57

Well, it is a long time known problem but now, it concerns me and drives me crazy. Dead keys aren't working in a national keyboard layout. In my case, Czech keyboard. Czech is using accented characters entered by a dead key plus an unaccented character. The accents are eaten away or the whole combination (the accent plus the character} is lost.
The problem is affecting Libre Office, Kate, QtCreator or KMail at least. Therefore, it is a Debian bug, not the application bug. Moreover, from the Libre Office bug log I know that the testing Debian 10 is "featured" by the bug again.

What is known to me that works:
(1) Some frequent lowercase accented characters are in the layout. They works and you can enter uppercase variants using CapsLock + lowercase.
(2) LibreOffice: Enter Special character works.
(3) You can use Char Select Copy to Clipboard + ctrl-V
(4) From the Libre Office bug log: uninstalling the KDE desktop shell is said to solve the problem. I haven't tried that.

Not very attractive. How to make dead keys work in KDE?
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