recoll pdf preview, everytime scan an OCR

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recoll pdf preview, everytime scan an OCR

Postby bester69 » 2019-02-07 01:31

I think I have a extrange problem with recoll; everytime I run a pdf preview file for notext PDFs, It starts a tessaract scan to make the preview, when Its suppose It should have be done once, when recollindex executed indexing and ocr filters.. I think Ive messed something with recoll or pynthon , but i dont see what is it. The recoll search is indexing properly as PDF with no text are running OCR scanning with rclpdf filter, and once It's finished, you can find the search, but then you go to make a preview and It launch again everytime you do it, the tesseract scan (that does not make any sense, the text should be already stored in the database and showed inmediatly, so I think that wasnt like that before :? , but now Ive my doubts).

Now, Im using .:
- debian 9
- recoll 1.24.5 + Xapian 1.43 (lesbons stretch repository)
- tessaract 4.0 (stretch-backports)

I post capture of the issue, when loading means recoll is doing tessaract scan to show the preview.:

Any idea what might be happening here?, thanks.
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Re: recoll pdf preview, everytime scan an OCR

Postby stevepusser » 2019-02-07 22:44

What is the "lesbons stretch repository"?

If they backported it, shouldn't the question be addressed to them?
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