Programs clash

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Programs clash

Postby debiandonder » 2019-02-15 21:27

I tried out Amarok music player and it worked well. It detected the cd I inserted and I could add it to my music folder on my pc.

While it was saving a music cd, I decided to install Dragon player for playing video's.

After this, when I insert a cd, dragon player wants to open it and when I close it and open Amarok, the music player don't show the cd anymore and don't work anymore.

When I remove the video player, the music player works again. I had the same experience with VLC and other music players.

I love Debian and don't want to go back to the Ubuntu based Zorin OS, because it has connection issues, while Debian does not.

I am using the KDE Plasma DE.
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Re: Programs clash

Postby sunrat » 2019-02-16 02:03

System Settings > Applications > File Associations > x-content - audio-cdda and move your preferred application to the top of the list.
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Re: Programs clash

Postby debiandonder » 2019-02-16 19:57

Thank, I got as far as file association today. I try what you showed.

The Q40S forum is not as helpful as this Debian User Forum.

I think I will just install Debian itself, without anyone else adding stuff to it.

I have used KDE for the last two weeks and have found that it is lighter than the Gnome DE, I have been using for years. I am imagining things?

Thanks for all the great help, you are a real king penguin! :D
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