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KBackup configuration file

Postby elessar » 2019-06-13 23:05

Does anyone have any information on what configuration directive to use and in which section to place it in order to override the default temporary directory of /tmp for KBackup?

The only information I have been able to find appears to be for the GUI in Version 1.2.11 but I'm still running Jessie with KBackup version 0.8 installed. I want to backup my data prior to upgrading but keep running into errors with running out of space in the /tmp folder, which is on a separate 920+ MB partition.

My current 'kbackuprc' file shows:

Code: Select all

[KFileDialog Settings]
Height 900=630
Recent Files[$e]=$HOME/Documents/Archives/HostName.kbp,$HOME/Documents/Archives/HostName.kbp
Recent URLs[$e]=$HOME/Documents/Archives/
Width 1600=1008

Height 900=600
Width 1600=1066

[Recent Dirs]
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