D-10 Audio Glitch,-- ?

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D-10 Audio Glitch,-- ?

Postby mike acker » 2019-07-16 14:09

With my D-10 "Buster" inservice today -- "Day 1" I noticed that when I terminated the Audacious player, after about 2 seconds the amp started picking up a little line hum....... like you'd get with your audio lines connected to the amp but open at the source end.

Today I'm using the new "super duper" DAC that is built into my new MoBo-- "line out" -- connected to the amp. ( It sounds great )

Previously I was using a Behringer DAC, USB connected and I didn't notice this issue. Nor does the issue present if I use the Behringer with the D-10.

However: the new MoBo has only 2 USB(2) ports and these are being used for the keyboard and mouse. The Behringer is USB(2) so -- I don't want to hook that into a USB(3) port: I think I remember reading that doing that will reduce the speed of the entire USB Bus to match the speed of the slowest connected device -- but -- I've not been able to verify this note.

This isn't a Big Deal: the amp has a mute button; I can easily quash the unwanted signal.

Thoughts ?
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