Cinnamon Under Testing/Sid

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Cinnamon Under Testing/Sid

Postby cds60601 » 2019-07-22 00:33

Hey all
Wanted to give Cinnamon a spin and since I have normally been using Sid, I figured I would give the Cinnamon live build a spin. Yes I know that running Testing/Sid is risky and as I’m not asking for help, but more of a confirmation.

Under Buster, all aspects of Cinnamon function well.
Current weekly build install but many apps never pull up. Settings and Themes come to mind right off.
Of course updates didn’t do much nor did bumping to Sid.

Pretty much the same. Again, not looking for help but just to know that others may have experienced much the same.

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Re: Cinnamon Under Testing/Sid

Postby giaur » 2019-07-22 04:36

Debian Cinnamon version is very old. Issue with settings and themes is fixed:

You can edit files as described in bug report and it will work again.
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