ffmpeg give error while transcoding from MKV to MP4

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ffmpeg give error while transcoding from MKV to MP4

Postby linux4michelleWeb » 2019-07-24 08:30

Hello *,

I have a Mobile Media Player which support only MP4 and AVI files, which mean, I have to convert any MKV files (VoD) to MP4.

However, since the last upgrade of VLC two (?) weeks ago, I can not more convert anything!

I get always the error message

Automatic encoder selection failed for output stream #0:1.
Default encoder for format mp4 (codec none) is probably disabled.
Please choose an encoder manually.
Error selecting an encoder for stream 0:1

So an Internet search give me no answer, but some hints about a bug in ffmpeg.

It seems, if an MKV files has a subtitle in it and if they are NOT "text", then ffmpeg fail to convert the file.

Now I have played with some parameters and options to remove the subtitles but failed.

Can someone tell me what additional OPTION I need to convert the MKV file to MP4 please?

Currently I use

ffmpeg -i ${INPUT_FILE}.mkv -map 0 -map_metadata -1 ${MISSING_SUBTITLE_REMOVE_OPTION} ${OUTPUT_FILE}.mp4

Thanks in avance
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Re: ffmpeg give error while transcoding from MKV to MP4

Postby Segfault » 2019-07-24 11:56

You are not transcoding, both MKV and MP4 are containers, you are remuxing. You can use mkvtoolnix to manipulate MKV files, also you could use Avidemux or similar tool to remux into MP4. Regarding ffmpeg, I'm no expert, but I think you need to map video and audio only to drop subtitles. Or use https://gpac.wp.imt.fr/mp4box/
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