Switched login screen and can't navigate desktop

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Switched login screen and can't navigate desktop

Postby jam7755 » 2019-08-14 02:22

I decided to switch my login manager screen theme from "mcmojave sddm" to :Sugar Candy for sddm" and since then the desktop is pretty much impossible to navigate because the menus are all the same color with no text showing up. The task bar at the bottom of the screen is just black and doesn't display any icons, text, or the date. Is there a way I can somehow login to the command prompt and switch my login manager back to "mcmojave sddm" in the hopes that this remedies the situation?
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Re: Switched login screen and can't navigate desktop

Postby ruwolf » 2019-08-14 08:59

You can switch to virtual consoles by key combinations:
[Ctrl] [left Alt] [F1] for 1st virtual console,
[Ctrl] [left Alt] [F2] for 2nd virtual console,

[Ctrl] [left Alt] [F6] for 6th virtual console,
[Ctrl] [left Alt] [F7] is usually switch for X Window System or Wayland, (if you have default 6 virtual consoles, but it can be changed, I have set 11 VT, so I go to X by [Ctrl] [left Alt] [F12])
[left Alt] [←] to previous virtual console,
[left Alt] [→] to next virtual console.
(Arrows usually do not work on X.)

manpages.debian.org: sddm.conf
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