48 hrs of XFCE Dolphin glitches: VLC, Split glitch, qt5ct

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48 hrs of XFCE Dolphin glitches: VLC, Split glitch, qt5ct

Postby debian121212 » 2019-08-25 03:52

Using Dolphin (Version 18.08.0) on latest XFCE 4.12 on Debian Stable (10/Buster).

Every time I open an MP3 from the Dolphin File Manager (or any file at all when opened from the Dolphin File Manager) with VLC 3.0.8 (August 20 2019 version) I get the loading circles on the xfce taskbar for a while for no good reason.

Doesn't happen using Thunar to open mp3's with VLC,

Doesn't happen when I use Dolphin to open mp3's with Parole Music Player.

Hope theres an explanation or a fix.

I opened the terminal to try to see if opening dolphin from terminal would reveal any issues when opening files, and none.

Any info?

It was so much better than Thunar for a very short while.

Ill just continue using it as a second alternative as long as the hourglass/loading circles don't actually affect what I'm doing.

It was the perfect file manager. I used qt5c to change it to dark theme and everything else is perfect, a little slow when opening Dolphin from the start menu for the first time but its worth it in my opinion. Also when opening a new tab or pressing on split you have to deal w the display glitch.

If split glitch happens to you, restart dolphin and try this:
click split
click on whitened first glitchy split on background or normal files
click close
click split again

split glitch fixed!

How to get dark theme working on xfce dolphin:
apt download qt5ct
go to the style sheets and click on fusion fixes
style fusion
custom darker

Switching back to Thunar after learning its search is ctrl s instead of ctrl f which does nothing but open a filter.
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