Dropbox > Cannot choose folders to sync

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Dropbox > Cannot choose folders to sync

Postby Pummelchen » 2019-09-09 01:20


I noticed a new bug with Dropbox on Debian 10.1. I use the GNOME extersion "KStatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator" to show the Dropbox icon in GNOME 3.30 and the icon and the preferences can be accessed just fine.

However, the "select folders" button now is not having any effect. I can click the other button to move the Dropbox folder location, the menu comes up, but when I click the other button to choose which folders to actually sync, it has no effect, nothing happens. :?:

So that makes the whole Dropbox thing useless, as I cannot choose which folders to sync any further. :?

It did work some weeks before. Not sure what changed. Debian is fully apt-dated with latest kernel 5.2.13.

Bug report in Dropbox Forum:
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Re: Dropbox > Cannot choose folders to sync

Postby ruwolf » 2019-09-14 19:20

It seems to be DropBox issue, not Debian error.
In your linked bug-report, they have written, that fixed version is available...
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