colormgr does not find all display devices

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colormgr does not find all display devices

Postby javieriserte » 2019-12-05 12:54


I have two monitors (same brand and model) one connected by VGA, the other by HDMI.

When i try to get the device data with colormrg, with command:

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> colormgr get-devices-by-kind display

Only data of one of them is returned (the HDMI one).
This happens using Xorg or wayland. Xrandr finds both of them.

There are some errors on journalctl that might be related:

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> sudo journalctl
dic 04 12:20:49 avior colord[720]: failed to get session [pid 544]: No hay datos disponibles   # Not available data
dic 04 12:44:34 avior gsd-color[2056]: could not find device: property match 'XRANDR_name'='VGA-1' does not exist

The second error message only is shown when I use Xorg, not with Wayland.

I googled for this error and found some posts of similar problems:

But i don't think that reaaly fits my problem.

Does anyone knows how to solve this?

I'm on Debian buster 10 up to date. (recently upgraded from debian 9).
Linux 4.19.0-6-amd64 / x86-64.

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