Automatic colour correction

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Automatic colour correction

Postby Fehunryu » 2020-02-19 10:23

I'm fairly new to Debian, and now since it's my one and only OS, I've noticed a problem when opening windows with different colours, including games.
What I notice the most is that the desktop panel and everything else becomes darker than usual when I have windows with dark borders active and maximised (e.g., Konsole maximised).
I've fiddled around with all my monitor, desktop (LXQt), Xorg (NVIDIA) configurations that could be causing this problem and no cigar.
Here are my specifications:

Debian 10 Buster (10.3)
Samsung SyncMaster TA350 (SMT23A350)
NVIDIA GTX 1650 (driver ver. 418.74 from nvidia-driver package)
Xorg 1.20.4

If you need any adjunct files or more information, please do ask.

Thanks in advance.
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