[solved] GNOME extension: Hide Top Bar doesn't hide

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[solved] GNOME extension: Hide Top Bar doesn't hide

Postby Onsemeliot » 2020-06-23 19:45

Recently there have been unusually many updates for the GNOME extension Hide Top Bar (using Debians Busters main repository). The last one left me with an extension that doesn't work as intended any more. It has stopped understanding when the top bar should hide. If I turn it off and on again it hides the top bar as intended. But as soon as GNOME shows the top bar (in the appropriate way – after me for example approaching the top corner of the screen) it sticks and overlaps the contents behind making buttons unusable and text incomprehensible because no action causes it to hide again.

Am I the only one having this issue since a few days? (So far I didn't find anyone mentioning this issue anywhere.) And I don't have it on just one system but on two. So, I am rather confident that it isn't an error I introduced. It doesn't seem to occur on other distributions and GNOME versions.

I tried to adjust the configuration options, deleted it and installed it again but nothing did the trick. Therefore, I uninstalled it. But I miss it since I loved the way it worked. Does anyone know an easy way to get its functionality back?

In the mean time I wrote a bug report to the Extension author and it was resolved by disabling further updates for Gnome 3.30. Therefore, on Debian Buster the extension works again like intended but it won't receive any further updates.
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