Screen is randomly turning off after reboot

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Re: Screen is randomly turning off after reboot

Postby Deb-fan » 2020-07-25 21:27

^ LMAO, ... Was under the wrong impression, thought OP's whole system was doing that (off/on) bad ram and psu's are associated with that kinda crap. Apparently it's just his monitor and I'm boggled as to possible causes/cures for it. Outside of the usual suspects, vidcard, driver etc. One reason I've always stuck with open source graphics drivers was to avoid tech nightmares like these. Ah Op quit responding a long time ago, so looking like the mystery will never be solved, dammit! Wanted to know what's going on here, in case ever come across it in the future.

Op? What's the situation now, what all have you tried ... etc? Op? Respond dammit! Op !?! :)

PS, really do want to maintain that weird thought about checking stuff like a power strip, they do go bad and could cause all manner of odd tech problems. Likely to be the absolute last thing anyone would consider or never even check at all.

Ps2, How insidious would it be if it turned out the cord or port Op is using to connect this problem system to that monitor has a short in it? We could all be standing there with physical access to the damn thing and would probably never get around to checking that.
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Re: Screen is randomly turning off after reboot

Postby cuckooflew » 2020-07-27 15:44

kerryhall wrote:I noticed in nvidia-settings, that the refresh rate constantly returns to "auto". I used to have it on 60hz, which worked great until I rebooted.

Now when I try and set it to 60hz, it doesn't "stick" and instead keeps returning to "auto". I think this could be part of the problem.

Also when I change settings to "advanced" I see two 60hz settings, 60hz (1) and 60 hz (2)....this seems very very wrong to me and perhaps the source of the issue.

Also version info:

NVIDIA Driver Version: 418.113
Server Version Number: 11.0
Server Vendor Version: 1.20.4

The correct quote :mrgreen:
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