BUSTER:MATE Icons not rendered in Save As dialogue.

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BUSTER:MATE Icons not rendered in Save As dialogue.

Postby geoffkaniuk » 2020-09-25 14:45

When saving a new document via the Save As ... dialogue the displayed file list shows some filenames with out icons. The example I show here happens in Gnumeric, but the same thing occurs when saving a newly created file in Pluma. The typical sequence is:
Code: Select all
1. File->New
2. Paste from clipboard
3. Save

On clicking Save, the Save As ... dialogue opens, and then displays Home as illustrated in file-save.png. As you can see, some of the directory icons are missing: BGJ,Desktop,dot-files,EGD. If I hover on the name, the icon is rendered. This also happens with ordinary files.

I do not see this behaviour in caja. At the moment I don't think its hardware, as I have a modern PC with an on-board graphics card running at 33 MHz. I used to have this issue in Stretch, and was hoping that it would be cleared in Buster. I would be delighted to hear from you if you have experienced this behaviour, or can suggest where to look in the configuration!
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