Some questions about D.E.

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Some questions about D.E.

Postby Feromi » 2020-10-14 03:25

Hi everyone. I do a lot of videos and after some trials, I want to switch to debian for my production machine. I love KDE but it seems the Debian version is old. I prefer stability over the newer versions everytime.
I want to ask, for a media production machine, which D.E. do you suggest might best work?
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Re: Some questions about D.E.

Postby Solo-Mia » 2020-10-14 04:01

Specific DE is not very important for your working process. You can choose any. In my opinion, it can depend on the list of software you would use. There are two most popular graphics libraries - QT and GTK+. So if most of your software of choice is QT-based, you can use KDE, LXQT, or other QT-based DE. Otherwise, try Gnome, Cinnamon, XFCE, or Mate.
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Re: Some questions about D.E.

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2020-10-14 15:22

GNOME is Debian's default desktop so it is reasonable to suppose that it has the best support. I use GNOME myself in my buster box and I love it :)
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Re: Some questions about D.E.

Postby Solo-Mia » 2020-10-14 18:22

One thing of those I love about Debian - all popular software has the best support, not only the default one. )
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Re: Some questions about D.E.

Postby metreo » 2020-10-14 21:58

It isn't Debian supporting GNOME, it's GNOME supporting Debian
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Re: Some questions about D.E.

Postby Deb-fan » 2020-10-15 00:11

As others have already said a desktop is mostly irrelevant, I like Openbox the most. Clearly main consideration in video-etc is the quality of the applications you're going to use. Though getting back to the awesomeness that is openbox, the GUI chosen can actually have some impact in terms of system-overhead and/or can contribute to quirky behavior too. There's MUCHO more processes likely to be running, eyecandy, features, more buttons, dials, bells and whistles. It's more complicated and thus more can go wrong, all those add overhead which someone might want to devote to the apps and tasks they're doing. On a decent specced computer shouldn't be much of an issue but ...

I prefer how simple Openbox is by comparison. Very little to it, feather light on system resources. Does take getting used to but think it's a great gui too. Think it's fraggin brilliant, it's an Openbox, is whatever someone puts in and makes it. Overall like pretty much everything gnu/Nix someone should use what they like most, are most comfortable with. Someone also has to try them out, to ever find out which they most enjoy using. Basically use Openbox because it is the absolute best graphical thingy which has ever existed. Likely will remain so forevermore. Errrr ... :D
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Re: Some questions about D.E.

Postby Hallvor » 2020-10-15 04:14

Use whatever DE you like best.
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Re: Some questions about D.E.

Postby morgon » 2020-10-15 20:43

Also keep in mind that you actually may not need a full D.E.
You can get by with just a window-manager (even though you may have to do some extra work to make it more convenient - but that may be a great learning experience).
Personally I like i3.
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