CMST (connman system tray) tray icon on startup?

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CMST (connman system tray) tray icon on startup?

Postby dieselnutjob » 2020-12-28 21:31

I am using LXQT on most of my laptops with connman and CMST to control wifi.
They are all running buster,
I would quite like it if the CMST icon would appear in the tray by default on boot up/login.
Is that possible?
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Re: CMST (connman system tray) tray icon on startup?

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2020-12-30 18:20

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mkdir -p ~/.config/autostart
cp /usr/share/cmst/autostart/cmst-autostart.desktop ~/.config/autostart

But I don't know if LXQt supports the autostart specification. If it doesn't then put whatever command is run by the Exec= line in cmst-autostart.desktop into ~/.xsessionrc, which will be run by any and all graphical desktops.
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