Playing mpeg's

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Playing mpeg's

Postby Hobbit » 2006-01-25 02:46

What is the best application to play mpegs?
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Postby john_h » 2006-01-25 10:07

I recommend Mplayer. This can be obtained from the Marillat repository by adding the following line to your sources.list:
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deb testing main

(replacing "testing" with "stable" or "unstable" depending on what branch of Debian you're running).

The once you have run "apt-get update" you can then download Mplayer and the Mozilla plugins to integrate it into Firefox etc by running:
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apt-get install mplayer mplayer-mozilla

Marillat also has some other useful packages like w32codecs for running unencrypted .wmv files and flashplayer-mozilla which installs Macromedia Flash (rather than just providing the installation tarball, as in the official Debian package).
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Postby dawgie » 2006-01-25 17:09

I have to put my vote in for Vlc
to install:
# apt-get install vlc
For me, it was easy to install and supports more formats than any video viewer that I have found. There is also some good documentation at TLDP here.
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Postby coolhandluke » 2006-01-25 18:51

The mplayer is a command line player unless you install a skin. You have also to care about codecs. Still it is a very good player and i use it for audio and video streaming.

The Vlc player has a graphical interfaces and you don't have to care about codecs. It can handel a lot of formats. Plus you can obtain it from your Debian Source...
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Postby Hobbit » 2006-01-26 04:28

Thanks guys.
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