GNOME3 and IM notifications

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GNOME3 and IM notifications

Postby Morantron » 2011-12-16 05:32


I can't get Empathy/Pidgin notifications to work in GNOME3 ( in Wheezy ), then I don't notice when I get spoken to. :cry:

I've found there is a bug with Empathy so I don't expect it to work:

But what about Pidgin's? Do they work for somebody?

Thanks =)
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Re: GNOME3 and IM notifications

Postby levesque » 2011-12-30 15:07

I have the same issue with empathy, did not try pidgin :P

Running debian wheezy, hoping that gnome-shell 3.2 or the next version of empathy will fix it.
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