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/etc/X11/Sessions & openbox

Postby hesoez » 2004-04-08 22:46


i'm back with a few problems

i'm trying to install qingy as my display manager, i have framebuffer support from the kernel and libdirectfb, libdirectfb-bin and libdirectfb-dev are installed. qingy compiles fine, but it won't run, i get the vague 'unrecoverable error'.
in the settings-file i can see it searches for /etc/X11/Sessions for wm/de's to launch, problem is that it does not exist(i think that may be the reason it failes). where is the directory that holds the sessions in debian, or how can i make the launchers myself :?:

i have gnome installed and want openbox as a second wm.
when i start gnome now it takes very long to get past the splash and it uses openbox as wm instead of metacity by default, when openbox is not installed all is fine.
how can i prevent gnome from using another wm than metacity :?:

where can i set the preferred wm/de to start when launching 'startx' :?:

thx in advance
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Postby mark » 2004-04-09 12:44

Sorry I have no experience with qingy.
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Postby lacek » 2004-04-09 16:22

mark wrote:Sorry I have no experience with qingy.

Please if you don't have anything to say, don't post. Thanks.

And now, the answers:
1: I have no experience with qingy, but kdm gets the available sessions by reading /usr/lib/menu. There are a lot of files there, each corresponds to a package. Which is in section "WindowManagers" and "needs=wm", will be counted as a window manager and a list of them will be offered to the user to choose from.
Although, I think these sessions aren't good for qingy, since it is capable of starting text-mode sessions, and there isn't listed any.

2: In the Gnome control panel, you can set the preferred window manager. After saving the session, the preferred one should be loaded.

3: The default wm/de to start is the symlink '/etc/alternatives/x-session-manager' points to, if it is not present, the '/etc/alternatives/x-window-manager' will be used. Failing this, the last resort is '/etc/alternatives/x-terminal-emulator'. If neither are present, startx will fail.
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