printing in Linux can be a pain

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Re: printing in Linux can be a pain (and I have no solution)

Postby brian_p » 2021-02-22 14:33

Ihamed wrote:Thank you.

Is it enough, to just ...

0. download ... rig.tar.gz

That isn't a Debian package, is it? Look in the amd64 directory if you have a 64-bit installation.

How can I start the daemon? (I guess it needs a daemon in the background(?))

It starts when the printer is plugged in.
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Re: printing in Linux can be a pain (and I have no solution)

Postby Ihamed » 2021-02-22 19:48

Wow. I have tried this out in my VM. At first glance it looks like this:

the print was too dark

the print has the same brightness as it had in windows

dry-time in duplex-mode was always fix: about 2 seconds

I guess 3+

I am fulfilled with happiness. It feels like Christmas. This way I can use this printer in Linux.
Thank you all. You did me a great service. :D

(Of course: I can still not change brightness, as I was also not able to change brightness in Windows. Because this printer does not support this setting. But it's not serious, as long as my prints are not too dark.)


a) After the Install, I had to restart the VM with the printer connected and "on". And after I had the printer in "printer settings".

b) And there was no need for this change:
ipp-usb is not provided for buster. However, its author distributes a package that functions provided the device is exposed to the local network by editing /etc/ipp-usb/ipp-usb.conf and having

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interface = all

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