Debian SSD support

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Debian SSD support

Postby Talbot9 » 2017-04-02 12:01

Hello everyone,

I decided that Windows 7 will be my last Windows OS and to install Debian Jessie on my Thinkpad.
To ensure a clean installation I will install Debian on a new SSD.

From many sources I read that SSD-support in Linux is not the best. Especially one said that there are problems with the NCQ-TRIM command.
Apparently data corruption will occur on some SSD devices, which was the reason to put many SSD onto a blacklist written in the kernel (for reference: starting at line 4109).

I figured out that NCQ-TRIM is an advanced version of the "normal" TRIM command.
My question now is, if normal TRIM works in Debian with the blacklisted devices?
I want to buy a Crucial MX300 which is not named in the blacklist but I read that it also wont support NCQ-TRIM.

Will it work if I create a cron for weekly or daily "normal" TRIM?
Or could it be that there is no real difference between NCQ-TRIM and TRIM and both wont work with a blacklisted SSD?

I hope that you could help me with this problem because real information about it is very rare.
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Re: Debian SSD support

Postby bw123 » 2017-04-02 13:56

... real information about it is very rare.

There are several good threads on here, some pretty long about trim, did you try a search of the forum?

I think your questions are contradictory, because you say that the drive you want to buy is not blacklisted for 'discard' use, but then ask if trim will work at all for a blacklisted device?

From what I've read, the manual fstrim works on all devices, while 'discard' option when mounting does have some issues, perhaps only on the early ssd drives?

There are different opinions on how to do a periodic trim, some prefer a cron job, while some use a systemd unit file I believe.

I use a sandisk plus, and mount it with 'discard' option on all partitions and it has performed well for about 6 months now.
I used this method to verify discard works on the drive ... r_linux/2/

I decided that Windows 7 will be my last Windows OS

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Re: Debian SSD support

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2017-04-02 14:40


The data corruption issues of which you speak were fixed a while ago and only applied to certain RAID configurations with the discard option applied:

The method outlined in my linked HowTo does not require special filesystem options and so would have been "safe" in respect of that bug ;)
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Re: Debian SSD support

Postby Talbot9 » 2017-04-02 16:52

I want to thank you both for your answers.

My next steps will be to learn a little bit more about TRIM and discard ...but to hear that fstrim should work is really reassuring.
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Re: Debian SSD support

Postby dibl » 2017-04-05 11:36

Debian sid / siduction KDE
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