HP ScanJet 4300c buttons + scanimage

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HP ScanJet 4300c buttons + scanimage

Postby kar1kam1 » 2017-09-17 10:26

Hi people
I have an old HP ScanJet 4300c scanner and a PC that I use for experiments. On the PC installed OMV 2.2.13 with Debian 7.11 wheezy inside. The scanner is connected via USB and is detected by the system, I can even get an image using 'scanimage> image.pnm'.
But at the moment the buttons on the scanner do not work, and I want that when the buttons are clicked, the scan to the specified directory will automatically scan to the folder type YYYY% MM% DD% in the file YYYY% MM% DD%.png.
Tell me how to adjust the operation of the buttons.
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