AMD OpenCL on Debian Testing

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AMD OpenCL on Debian Testing

Postby schmidtbag » 2017-10-02 23:36

So I've got a headless media PC running Debian Testing on an AMD Athlon 5350. This has a HD 8400, which to my understanding is a GCN 1.0 GPU. Since this isn't exactly the most powerful PC, I'd like to do GPU encoding to help speed up the process wherever I can when converting videos.

I'm in a bit of an annoying situation:
Debian doesn't offer fglrx anymore since Stretch, which has OpenCL support for my GPU. But, Debian doesn't support amdgpu-pro either. Even if it did (where I really just need the ROCm package), it doesn't appear to support APUs with hardware this outdated. I don't think I could install fglrx anymore because it won't support the kernel in Stretch and newer. I'm using Testing because (at least back when Jessie was stable) some packages I needed either didn't exist or are too outdated in Jessie.

Any suggestions as to how I can get OpenCL installed? Remember, I don't need a GUI or OpenGL drivers - I just need OpenCL.
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