Intel Wifi not found

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Intel Wifi not found

Postby LanceHaverkamp » 2018-05-01 19:18

lspci lists Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless 7260 (rev 73) [on the motherboard]
but gnome settings says no wifi adapter is found

...using a brand-new install of debian 10 gnome desktop
Wifi works fine when booting form Ubuntu flash drive--so it's not a hardware issue.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Re: Intel Wifi not found

Postby jibberjabber » 2018-05-01 20:33

You are welcome, I have 1 question , and then some suggestions.
When was Debian 10 released ? or do you mean "testing" ?
I would think some one using Debian testing would at least know enough to know how to do some basic trouble shooting, and searches, I would start with looking at the bug reports for Debian testing, it might be a temporary problem,and as soon as some one fixes it, they will share the fix.

This is a very common problem on Debian, but like wise there is plenty of documentation and solutions, all ready posted here on this forum, and at Debian wiki,...
Try this:
Wifi not found on Debian
First hit:
And then here on the forum :
Search found 1074 matches: +Intel +Wifi -found

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After you read all that, and if you still can not get it working, give us enough details, and maybe someone can help.
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