Wiimote configuration.

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Wiimote configuration.

Postby Coline » 2018-05-12 18:14


I would like to use a Wiimote like a remote but I have some problems.

1) I can't disable the motion controls.
2) I can't map some buttons (they don't work).

Motion controls.

I created a /etc/default/wminput file, with the following content :

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The file /etc/cwiid/wminput/my_config is the following one : 

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Wiimote.A               = KEY_SPACE
Wiimote.B               = BTN_RIGHT
Wiimote.Up              = KEY_UP
Wiimote.Down    = KEY_DOWN
Wiimote.Left    = KEY_LEFT
Wiimote.Right   = KEY_RIGHT
Wiimote.Minus   = KEY_VOLUMEDOWN
Wiimote.Plus    = KEY_VOLUMEUP
Wiimote.Home    = KEY_HOME
Wiimote.1               = KEY_PROG1
Wiimote.2               = KEY_PROG2

There isn't a thing about gyroscopy. I don't want to control my mouse but I don't manage to disable it.


I would like to be able to control the volume of the music, but the two buttons don't do a thing. I didn't find a clue about this.

Thank you for your help ! :)
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