Power Mac G4 3.1 and cube 450

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Power Mac G4 3.1 and cube 450

Postby JohnKCG » 2018-06-15 14:51

Hello Debian Community, this is my very first post in debian, I am writing here because I would like to know how well will debian 8.10 ppc will perform on two old Apple machines, their hardware are these:

Apple PowerMac G4 3.1

Processor G4 400 mhz
ATI video card
1gb ram
two drives, 80gb and 130 gb

The problem with this machine is the processor, but If debian runs so so I can upgrade it to a SSD so it could go faster

Apple Mac cube 450mhz

Processor G4 450 mhz
ATI video card
1gb ram
Unknown Har disk

I can upgrade ram to 2gbs and hard disk to ssd's, even the processor's if I can find ones compatible with the machines, but it will be good to know how good they can be for debian

I looked here on the forums and on Google and it just talks about old Ubuntu, lubuntu and Debian versions, on debian page it says that it might support even G3 machines, but there are no reviews for debian 8 in G4 machines
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