Need to submit bug for pulseaudio [SOLVED]

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Re: Need to submit bug for pulseaudio

Postby ckosloff » 2018-07-10 16:18

sunrat wrote:
debiman wrote:
ckosloff wrote:Actually I logged into the IR C channel for #debian-next and the folks there were very helpful and enlightening.

i can read a lot between the lines in this sentence.

My friend you are imagining intentions, it is just that with IRC there is more interaction, several users in same thread in real time, easier to understand meanings, I know that you put in your best effort in this format, thanks for that, you mentioned timidity but I didn't grasp that the daemon controlled the sound card before pulseaudio, a glitch in KDE desktop caused by loading kde-full, and got afraid of uninstalling the package because it would drag a lot of stuff with it.
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Re: Need to submit bug for pulseaudio [SOLVED]

Postby sunrat » 2018-07-10 23:24

Apology accepted. It's unbelievable how often help is offered here and then the asker ignores suggestions and does something completely different. Regular contributors get a bit antsy about that.
In this case I pointed you to another thread on exactly the same problem which had several possible solutions. It seems like you didn't try my suggestion to stop/disable timidity with systemctl which may have worked and I would have liked to have known that. I don't currently have timidity so didn't experience the bug, but I do a lot of advanced audio work so thought I may be able to help.
This was already a known bug and there is a current bug report - ( ... bug=901931 ) which offers a totally different reason for this behaviour and a solution - remove the "timidity" user from the "audio" group. That way you should have your Pulse and Timidity working happily together. Timidity is useful if you ever play MIDI files, and is also used in some games and applications.
Peace to you too, brother! 8)
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Re: Need to submit bug for pulseaudio [SOLVED]

Postby debiman » 2018-07-11 12:48

it's ok.
maybe you really meant that IRC chatting is a better way of communicating for you.
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