Debian testing installing advice and info

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Debian testing installing advice and info

Postby Vortex » 2018-09-12 13:10

Dear all,

I'm relatively newbie to Debian and the whole "desktop and graphics" topic alltogether.
Can you tell me what kind of X server (Xorg, Wayland?) a fresh Testing installation uses with which GPU of my two ones ?

Hardware is a Lenovo Y520 entry level gaming laptop with Intel GPU + dGPU from nVidia (1050Ti).

Yesterday I made a fresh Debian install with the newest Testing installer and choosing GNOME. After 1st system boot I recognized I can run Firefox browser via right-click onto the icon on the dedicated GPU.

So it means a simple default install with no extra settings is using Optimus (Bumblebee) tech already ?
Via the nouveau driver ?
Was I on Intel GPU on the desktop while I saw the option to run Firefox on dGPU ? (then I assume yes, as a default it used Intel).

However, I heard some bad things about the nouveau driver so I went for bumblebee-nvidia .. rebooted.. and .. not sure if it worked but for the Firefox launcher the option on right click saying running Firefox on dGPU was missing.

Since then I couldn't manage to reinstall the nouveau stuff, after boot, before desktop the whole screen just blinks couple of times then freezes.
I did a new fresh install again :) (Don't kill me for that pls) :)

In general: what shall I do to bring the most out of Optimus dual GPU tech while working with factory non-free nvidia driver if I choose dGPU ? Any special commands or anything else.. ? :?:

My goal is to use Intel GPU for everything and sometimes dGPU when needed. When I manage to get to this with nvidia proprietary drivers I hope I can retain all the good behaviour when switching to a Xen kernel and making dom0 of my fresh installation. :mrgreen:
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Re: Debian testing installing advice and info

Postby Vortex » 2018-09-12 15:09

Just FYI on the other hand with none of the setups above has Firefox hardware acceleration.

I used to test video acceleration with a youtube video, "Peru 8k" .. full HD consumes around 25-30% CPU, 4K around 80-90% and is lagging a bit (no bandwidth issues) so apparently when I click on Firefox normally (and it uses the Intel GPU I assume) it doesn't accelerate video.. when I right-click on Firefox and run on the dedicated nvidia GPU it doesn't use video acceleration either.
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Re: Debian testing installing advice and info

Postby debiman » 2018-09-14 04:50

i would have to answer most of your questions with "no, you got that wrong"....

in any case, i think you will be happier with ubuntu if you need a newbie-friendly hybrid graphics setup.

and always read up on things before asking or messing with your system.
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