BCM43228: b43 versus wl

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BCM43228: b43 versus wl

Postby fkranhold » 2018-09-25 12:37

I’m using Debian stable, kernel 4.9.0-8-amd64 on an HP ProBook 640 and have a Wifi-card BCM43228. I’ve installed the wl driver as well as the b43-driver:

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b43-fwcutter            1:019-3
formware-b43-installer  1:019-3

Via modprobe, I can switch between moth modules. The b43 driver works proberly, but very slow (~1MB/s). If the wl driver works, it is quite fast (~100MB/s), but most of the time, no Wifi networks can be found and dmesg yields:

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[ 1336.072751] ERROR @wl_notify_scan_status :
[ 1336.072755] wlo1 Scan_results error (-22)

Any ideas what to do?
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Re: BCM43228: b43 versus wl

Postby bw123 » 2018-09-25 13:12

Have you followed the installation instructions?
be sure and remove conflicting modules, before loading wl.

I didn't see that device supported on b43 in the wiki. The b43 pkgs you mentioned extract proprietary firmware only, not the driver. You don't need them with wl. I don't think they will cause a problem as long as the b43 module is unloaded.. You can probably check that though, in dmesg.

BTW I found this intersting searching 'debian probook 640'
https://www.debianit.com/2018/01/20/sel ... ery-issue/
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