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Re: Display problems on Geode LX netbook

Postby lewyssmith » 2019-06-05 11:57

Thank you for replying again, gives me hope. I am constrained by being new to Debian, and messing with package software has given me much work. But at last I have a working browser, so can communicate directly from the machine. Also, this e-Cafe machine is unergonomic (I now need a USB 3-button mouse for X copy/pasting; all that follows is typed).
As things stand:
# apt policy firmware-amd-graphics
Installed (none)
Candidate (none)
# dmesg | grep firmware
# lspci -k
00:01.1 VGA compatible controller : A..M..D.. [AMD] Geode LX Video
Subsystem: A..M..D.. [AMD] Geode LX Video
Kernel driver in use : lxfb
Kernel modules : lxfb
In /var/log/Xorg.0.log it loads module "glx" = /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensionsl/libglx.so
which exists, alone; then *fails* to load module "geode" which does not exist.

I have just managed to install 'firmware-amd-graphics' and
'xserver-xorg-video-geode' as referenced earlier (using apt install <pkg-name>).
Next to re-boot & see the result!
Re firefox, it was firefox-esr, and I had run it from the console. There were a few error msgs before it popped its error dialogue, but I am not persuing that here.
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