RAM extension: The order of the modules is relevant!

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RAM extension: The order of the modules is relevant!

Postby Onsemeliot » 2019-11-23 08:09

Today I discovered that my Acer Extensa 5220 needs to have my two 1GB RAM modules in a specific order. Before I optimised the order it kept peeping like crazy almost each time I booted it up. Now it seems to be fine. The base module needs to be the Samsung and the additional slot needs to take the Kingston module. The other way around does work also fine in the end but only after a lot of annoying peeping during the boot process. I wasn't sure if this was a sign for the hardware being close to failing and therefore I felt uneasy about it for quite some time. It was so many fast peep tones that I couldn't identify single patters and match it with those tables available for finding out what different peep sequences do mean.

Let's hope this is permanent. I just wanted to share my unexpected experience in case anyone else encounters a similar problem and – like me (for the longest time) – doesn't think of swapping the modules as a possible solution.
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