Double pointer and application freeze if I use lenovo pen

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Double pointer and application freeze if I use lenovo pen

Postby Teodoro777 » 2020-01-11 18:15

I am using a lenovo yoga 520 equipped with a lenovo pen. When I use the latter,
two pointers are created, the first is stopped in the last position that I gave
it from the touchpad, while the second, follows the pen. So far nothing
serious. Except that after a while everything becomes unusable, because single
touches with the pen are detected as a hold (as if the left touchpad button was
held down), then start dragging application icons here and there, until it
doesn't even respond plus the touches, as if it were all freeze. I can't even
anymore restart it normally and I am forced to restart forcefully. I am on
Debian testing, but on the stable branch I had the same problem. I confirm that
everything works properly on xorg, I don't even know the double pointer
problem. Has anyone else detected this problem with this hardware? Now I reported this bug to bugs.debian in this link -> ... bug=948627
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