usb power cutting out with m.2 and enclosure

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usb power cutting out with m.2 and enclosure

Postby tpprynn » 2020-01-26 07:59

This seems to be specific to one of my laptops though both sets of chips are pretty similar. I bought a Western Digital Green m.2 ssd originally for another laptop that I didn't keep. I've fitted it to an enclosure which works perfectly with a new Asus N4000-based laptop and my MSI N3050-based mini PC. If I plug the drive into my year-old Lenovo the drive keeps disappearing in Nemo from moment to moment, usb power seeming to be all over the place.

That laptop has had Cinnamon and LXDE but with Cinnamon (and Gnome, which I briefly tried) there is mention during boot of i915 firmware being missing, though everything at least appears to run. Is this possibly related to the usb problem? All other usb devices work fine (including laptop hard drives in inexpensive enclosures), and the enclosure was cheap so maybe I was lucky it works with the other stuff. Maybe I should try another enclosure.

My Gnome and Cinnamon iso downloads were both firmware-free but the LXDE was with the nonfree firmware, yet the m.2 drive still fails with LXDE so maybe nothing too obvious is missing?

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Re: usb power cutting out with m.2 and enclosure

Postby pylkko » 2020-02-01 13:12

On a laptop, also desktop, some of the usb ports may be connected "directly" to the motherboard, whereas other ones at other locations in the chassis are just a "hub" split off the main port. These ones might have lower voltages when taxed for current (ohm's law) because there is more resistance from the cords. Because of this it is always worth trying other ports. But, even if this is not the case, there are drives that consume more engergy than what USB spec officially gives (500 mA at 5V) so there are enclosures with two usb cords, one for data and power and another usb cord to boost the power. These usually solve this problem that you are describing.
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