Can any one recommend a sim card reader/editor

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Can any one recommend a sim card reader/editor

Postby Del » 2020-03-15 12:42


I'm currently looking for a replacement SD card reader and have just realised that I have never, ever backed up the SIM card on my phone. The information stored on it is very important.

Can anyone recommend a sim card reader so I can make make a back up?

Is there any software for Debian that can read, save and edit the data on sim cards?

It doesn't matter if it only takes the physically largest sim cards as there are adapters available. It would be nice if it was included in USB SD card reader (killing two birds with one stone).

I've looked on but there's no indication whether those available work with Linux or not pus my lack of knowlege on this subject is limited (to say the least). The only software I can find that is on github (scsisim and monosim) don't appear to have been updated for a few years.

TIA for any advice :)
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