Strange touchpad behavior

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Strange touchpad behavior

Postby perkyslam » 2020-03-23 14:44

Hi, today I removed Debian 9 from my laptop and installed Debian 10. Anything works just fine, except for one thing:
the touchpad of my laptop doens't work when right clicking the desktop or, for example, a libreoffice document area.

Moreover, I don't know if this is native or coming from gnome-tweak-tools or an extension, but I have a panel where I can test the touchpad functionality and it works fine when testing.

Any help is appreciated! :-)
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Re: Strange touchpad behavior

Postby pylkko » 2020-03-28 20:42

I think that if your "laptop doesn't work", you should try to fix it. I hope that helps.
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Re: Strange touchpad behavior

Postby milomak » 2020-03-29 20:10

pylkko wrote:I think that if your "laptop doesn't work", you should try to fix it. I hope that helps.

what a strange unhelpful comment

@op one thing you could try is another de. see if right click works there so maybe we can eliminate somethings.

you should also probably post your gnome settings here of your touchpad settings.
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