Cannot connect USB keyboard and mouse through KVM switch

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Cannot connect USB keyboard and mouse through KVM switch

Postby creektivity » 2020-04-10 13:31

As far as I understand (not much!), the gist of the problem seems to be that the system does not "see" the external keyboard (K) or mouse (M).

It was working, but when I changed the connection from a direct connection between my Debian laptop and the external K/M to a connection through a KVM switch (to accommodate a newly added laptop), it worked ONCE but then, after switching to the other laptop (running Windows 10 and working fine) and back, the external monitor is still connected (via VGA) and shows my Debian laptop, but the external K/M are unresponsive (even though they are getting power as indicated by their lights). The built-in K/M on the laptop do still work.

More details: I'm running Debian 10/Gnome 3.30.2 on a 64-bit Dell Latitude E6230 laptop. The external K/M are PS/2 devices both connected to a single USB adapter. The monitor is a Dell P2210, and the connection is as such:

External K/M > adapter > monitor downstream USB
Monitor upstream USB > (one) KVM switch USB port > (two) USB ports (one on each laptop)

KVM switch is IOGEAR model GCS72U, which is a manually switched non-emulated switch that acts like a simple switched USB hub (per IOGEAR's support).
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