Help finding a good wifi adapter

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Help finding a good wifi adapter

Postby alexwazan » 2020-05-28 15:52

Hello. I decided to install Debian Wheezy on the ASUS P8Z77-I Deluxe motherboard, but, unfortunately, the WiFi adapter is not detected in the network setup process - therefore, I can’t connect via WiFi to the existing access point and finish the installation. As I understand it, I have a Broadcom BCM43xx WiFi adapter (it seems, BCM4359).
indeed I give up on this adapter and I want to get new Wifi adapter I need your recommendation for a good adapter with monitor mode support , I don't want a Chinese one I want a good one that will work out of the box with debian
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Re: Help finding a good wifi adapter

Postby Eleena » 2020-05-28 16:17

The ASUS P8Z77-I Deluxe motherboard is very old one...
anyway there's a lot of a adapters to choose from with monitor mode support , you can google it for more research to find your best one and you can also check this list with like 20 more adapters in all price range ... nitor.html
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Re: Help finding a good wifi adapter

Postby sunrat » 2020-05-28 22:33

There's no way you should be installing Wheezy on anything connected to the internet.
I'm happily running both Buster and Sid on a Gigabyte EP45-UD3R which is 4 years older than yours.
Install Buster on it, you might be able to get your Broadcom working although it can be tricky and may involve installing both a driver and non-free firmware.
If you do still want a new adapter, ones based on Atheros chip seem to be better supported. And good luck finding any which are not made in China!
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