HP 8760w keyboard-mouse-touchpad-pointer mapping

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HP 8760w keyboard-mouse-touchpad-pointer mapping

Postby esn » 2020-12-21 14:11

I've attempted to install Debian (dual boot) on my HP 8760w but have not succeeded due to what appears to be keyboard-mouse-touchpad-pointer mapping issues.

In order to explore this problem I've used live USB versions of many different distros (OpenSUSE, UBUNTU, Fedora, Manjaro, CENTOS, Debian, MINT, Pop! OS and a few others).

According to HP, SUSE and Red Hat were certified on this hardware. I tried SUSE (SLED) but again, issues with keyboard-mouse-touchpad-pointer mapping occurred.

Debian Buster has come the closest to complete functionality, and I'd like to explore it more fully.

BTW, this laptop and Windows10 work perfectly.

My 8760w has 16GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro KM4000M, Intel Core i7 2820QM, Micron 256GB SSD.

The issue occurs when the keyboard is used. Mouse and touchpad buttons become remapped and enter 'select' mode opening (like click and drag) selection areas when moving. Keyboard goes into insert mode and similarly appears to enter 'select' mode (like click and drag). Keys remain mapped to their characters but 'enter', 'tab' and other operational keys do not behave as expected. The pointing stick works if I am careful of the pressure applied, allowing me to navigate and double click.

I'd greatly appreciate any guidance on appropriate hardware mapping, drivers and compatibility.
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Re: HP 8760w keyboard-mouse-touchpad-pointer mapping

Postby esn » 2020-12-22 16:07

Exactly what I need !
I'll install them and continue with Debian.

Thank you.
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