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Supported Perc Controllers

Postby Northpoint » 2020-12-23 13:54

Hello all.

I just fired up my first VM of Debian in a very long time a few weeks ago. Im seriously impressed. Running buster with the mate desktop on an older server. I want to say thank you very much Debian :)

Now my question: Where can I check to see a list of supported controller cards - specifically perc?

I have some dell servers in production for small businesses. They are older model T610's which have worked very well for some years now. However the perc H700 is no longer supported. I was able to download a driver for them so they are fine. However, When I roll up an other server for a client I do not want to get bit by this situation again.

I handle server solutions for small businesses and used servers really do well for them - As long as there is some hardware support :)
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