cant get webcam working correctly

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cant get webcam working correctly

Postby debian-fede » 2009-10-21 20:03

I use Debian, xfce and kernel

I have this webcam
Bus 002 Device 003: ID 064e:c108 Suyin Corp.

In xfce, if i use cheese, sometimes i have the next error
cheese: Fatal IO error 11 (resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.0
Sometimes it opens correctly but if i move the mouse or press a key it closes.
Other times i get this
cheese: ../../src/xcb_io.c:242: process_responses: Assertion `(((long) (dpy->last_request_read) - (long) (dpy->request)) <= 0)' failed
or finally
cheese: Fatal IO error 22 (invalid argument) on X server :0.0.

With camorama, it says that it cant find /dev/video0

Now, if i use luvcview, it works perfectly ok.
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