wvdial alternative

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wvdial alternative

Postby Stretchy » 2010-08-01 07:14

Despite many attempts i've been unable to get my E220 working on my NSLU2 running debian viewtopic.php?f=7&t=47200 due to the getcontext bug.

Is there an alternative to wvdial which would work and if so is there a 'how to' somewhere?

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Re: wvdial alternative

Postby stevepusser » 2010-08-01 15:35

There's umtsmon: http://umtsmon.sourceforge.net/

I managed to package it for the Mepis community distro, since it's not in Debian, and several have sworn by it: http://www.mepislovers.org/forums/showt ... hp?t=26333

umtsmon - 0.10alpha-0mlrepo2

Version: 0.10alpha-0mlrepo2

Section: net

Architecture: 32bit and 64bit


utmsmon controls and monitors wireless mobile network cards that use ETLAs
such as GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, UMTS and HSDPA. It handles PIN codes, operator
choice (roaming), signal strength, network statistics and the sending and
receiving of SMS messages.

Homepage: http://umtsmon.sourceforge.net/

Maintainer: Steve Pusser

Debs are here: 32b: http://main.mepis-deb.org/mepiscr/repo/ ... 2_i386.deb

64 bit: http://main.mepis-deb.org/mepiscr/repo/ ... _amd64.deb
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Re: wvdial alternative

Postby aspnair » 2010-08-01 15:50

This is what I did, when I wanted ppp to work on my arm system, as wvdial is not working.

1. Compiled pppd from source using arm-linux-gcc, install it to the target.

2. make sure that normal ppp works on debian x86 using pon and poff. This is done using pppconfig which creates
the required files etc. I found the required files as /etc/chatscripts/<provider> and /etc/ppp/peers/<provider>
This will allow to start dialing using pon <provider>, stop ppp using poff <provider>

3. Now, copy the contets of /etc/chatscripts and /etc/ppp to the target, use ppp in the same fashion as using that on debian machine.
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