Motherboard with IPMI support

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Motherboard with IPMI support

Postby jlesquembre » 2010-11-06 14:46


Has anyone experience with supermicro X7SPA-HF motherboard? I want to build a server, and this has IPMI support. I never want to connect a keyboard nor screen to the server. As far as I know, should be possible, but would be great if anyone can tell me about his experience installing and manage the system over the network. I only have a laptop, and I want to be sure that is possible manage the server 100% over the network.
I think the motherboard is 100% compatible with Debian, but I prefer listen the experience of other people.

By the way, if finally I buy the server, I want to try the glusterFS, but only supports a x86-64 architecture. Since the processor is a Atom D510, I hope this is ok, isn't it?
If you think that other motherboard would be better, let me know it.

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