telnet communication via bash

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telnet communication via bash

Postby akraix » 2006-11-20 13:00


i am searching for a solution to the following problem:

i want a bash script to automatically communicat with the telnet server. i want it to scan several folders for files and if there are any to request them.

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find $folder -maxdepth 1 \( -iname '*.mp3' -o -name '*.ogg' \) -exec echo "scheduler.push {} | telnet localhost 1234" \;

the problem is: the find returns something like "missing argument for -exec". i am wondering what i am doing wrong, as the telnet part works very well once put into a script without the find:

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 (echo "telnet command"
  echo "another telnet command"
  echo "yet another telnet command") \
 | telnet localhost 1234

what the heck am i doing wrong?

thanks for your support,

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