Easy Question abou manually installing Perl Modules

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Easy Question abou manually installing Perl Modules

Postby ShadwSrch » 2006-12-13 15:55

I need to install an older version of Net::DNS than is offered on cpan...

I have downloaded the module, an I am comfortable with the Makefile.PL...make...make test...make install process

My question is about the folder created when I tar the original .tar.gz file...

I know I can delete the .tar.gz file, but can I delete the folder after I do the make install?

If I can't, where is the usual place to expand the .tar.gz file to?
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Postby mzilikazi » 2006-12-13 17:38

I won't claim to be a guru on cpan but generally speaking, anytime you unpack an archive and install from there you should be able to delete the source dir you built from UNLESS you actually run the application from that directory. Nvu would be one example of an app that can work this way. Since everything is contained withint the extracted archive you don't actually install anything. I just unpack all archives to the same place: ~/Downloads but it makes no difference as long as $USER has write permissions.

Edit Another exception would be an app that needs the source in order to UNinstall like Ardour2. You actually need to run scons install -c from the ardour2 source dir to uninstall ardour2.
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