Perl Script stops working properly during operation

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Perl Script stops working properly during operation

Postby Victoryflet » 2005-07-01 21:24

To and perl masters. I have recently learned a bit of perl and wrote a program that goes and changes lines in every file that meets a certian criteria. I then record the file that was changed in a log file with the full path name.

When tested on small directories with a few hundred files it works great. No problems. When I run it on every file that needs to be checked (~18,000) of them it runs into problems about 1/3 of the way through the program. (It stops recording the right path to the log file and misses files that need to be changed)

I belive it to be a memory related issue since if I run the program on each directory individually without letting it recurse through the master file list it works great too. Are there any know memory issues with Perl and any ways to fix them.
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Postby lacek » 2005-07-04 11:19

If your script is not too large, could you please post it here?
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