Game Engines

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Game Engines

Postby ali.shahrivarian » 2015-04-13 15:59


I wanna to develop game and I have knowledge in "C/C++, C#(my main programming language for win/web development), Python, JAVA, Perl,PHP" (just my programming range for now).
It's clear there're a lot of game engine in windows with full support tools like map editor, level editor and etc. But due to my migrate to Debian (Jessie) I wanna to use a full featured game engine in Linux.

What's yours advise?

I saw two page which listed engines but it's hard to choose.
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Re: Game Engines

Postby argorain » 2015-04-14 05:07

I was messing around LWJGL. It's used for minecraft for example. I was writing 2D game in it.
It wasn't hard to write simple game quickly and they have nice docs.
Maybe if you want to do it in python. But I haven't tried this one yet (I bookmarked it and haven't found time yet).
I am pretty sure, if you look for sources of tuxcart or something like that, you will find something ;)
Good luck.
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Re: Game Engines

Postby ali.shahrivarian » 2015-04-14 16:57

Tnx but I want to use engine with designers (as i said in above).
I found the
It's better than other free game engine for linux.
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